Below are some links to both other Volvo 480 clubs and some motorsport related sites.
Most of the Volvo 480 websites are made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Homepage of VOPAR (dragracing)
Homepage of Per Gardell
Homepage of Tim Svindborg
Volvo 480 Club EUROPE
Volvo Owners Club
SD34 Motor Sport Group

I have also put a list of known sites where you can buy new or second-hand Volvo parts, should you too have the desire to perform motorsports in a Volvo.

PFS Parts Ltd
Volvo 480 Club Europe Marketplace
Volvo Spares UK: Dismantling for Spares
All OEM Volvo Parts---
Volvo 480 club EUROPE Advertisements -

Volvo 480 Register Advertisements -----
Scandcar Volvo Parts Page

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