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Here are 480Racing we are into motorsports, but unlike the rest of the crowd we like to do things a bit differently. So when we needed to pick a car for motorsports what did we pick.......

That's right a 1990 Volvo 480! Now our baby was found rusting in an unloved and unwanted state, after a small accident that damaged the nearside rear wing. But even after a year of sitting in a muddy salvage yard we were able to start her first time with just a new battery.

So with a working car and a head full of dreams, we parted with the princely sum of £250 and arranged for delivery of new baby. Now the hard work starts trying to turn a car over 18 years old, which had been sat for over 12 months into a car that can compare with brand new and custom car in our chosen motorsports.


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Motorsports in a Volvo 480 are you mad!

Ok so when you say motorsports you don’t instantly think of the Volvo 480, and you would be right to think that we are not talking about Formula 1 or the World Rally Championship; we are in fact talking about Autosolo.

What is Autosolo I hear you cry, well Autosolo is a relatively new form of low cost motorsport for the UK, I say relatively because even though it has been active in the USA and Canada (where it is also known as “Slalom”) for some time; this form of motorsport was not seen in the UK until 2002 when the Bristol Motor Club started to run events. These events were a big success, and Autosolo events have been subsequently taken up by a number of different clubs across the whole of the UK.

Autosolo events are competitions based around the driver’s skill and fall somewhere between an Autotest and a Sprint; cars run one at a time against the clock on a shortish course that lays emphasis on the car’s handling and agility rather than its break horse power. No reversing is involved, and speeds and hazards don’t get any worse than those you could encounter in normal days driving especially if you drive round Manchester.

The costs associated with holding or organising an Autosolo are kept low by avoiding the need for rescue units and medical crews, marshalling cost are also low as the competitors marshal the course themselves. This is a big culture change for the UK, and is achieved by dividing competitors into three groups. At any one time, one group will be marshalling the course; one will be preparing to compete, whilst the third is actually competing. When they’ve had their runs, it’s ‘all change’. You have to marshal the course at least once for your timed runs to count. It means that everyone has an equal amount of work and play.

Autosoloing is also very economical to compete in, as all the events are only open to road-legal cars that are taxed, insured and MOT’d. Car preparation is limited to removing loose objects from inside, and any clip-on wheel trims. For insurance reasons you need to produce your club membership card, but neither a competition - nor even an RTA - licence is required to compete.

The test routes are marked by cones with numbered marker posts, which you pass in ascending order. Furthermore, horizontal cones are used to point the way. The intention is to make the event a test of driving skill rather than of memory (which if you are anything like me is a good thing).

Penalties are incurred if you go wrong or hit the markers, and the main aim is to complete the test course as smoothly and quickly as you can, with all timekeeping being done via hand-held stopwatch which are accuracy to 0.1 sec.